Babo toilet paper – Is it the best?

Babo bamboo toilet paper is a bit of a trend right now. It’s made from bamboo and it’s eco-friendly, but is that all there is to it?

What is Babo toilet paper?

Babo loo roll is a 100% compostable toilet paper made from bamboo. With an emphasis on sustainability and responsibility, it is made in the United States without chlorine or trees. Instead, the company uses renewable resources like bamboo to create this eco-friendly option that can be easily disposed of in your home compost pile. Regardless of whether you are environmentally conscious or not, Babo’s toilet paper is a great option for anyone who wants a better product than what most major brands offer today.

There are several different sizes available: standard single-ply sheets, double-ply sheets (my personal favorite), travel size packs of mini-rolls that fit perfectly into backpacks/purses, travel kits with 6 pre-cut strips per pack (makes TSA easier), as well as multi packs where you get a couple different colors together at once instead of having to choose one at random somewhere else online while shopping elsewhere online..

whats so good about bamboo toilet paper?

Bamboo toilet paper is soft, gentle and durable. It’s made from 100% natural bamboo, making it an environmentally friendly option.

Bamboo is also very absorbent and won’t tear or shred as you use it like some other toilet papers can do. This means that your roll lasts longer so you’re not wasting money on buying new rolls every few days!

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Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic so its great for anyone with sensitive skin or anyone who wants something more gentle than regular paper. If you’ve ever had issues with rashes or irritation after using regular tissue paper before, try switching to this product!

why is Babo bamboo toilet paper superior?

Bamboo is a fast-growing and renewable resource that grows quickly, even in poor soil. It can grow at a rate of 4 feet per day, so it’s no wonder more and more companies are utilizing this sustainable plant for their products!

Bamboos are also naturally resistant to insects, which makes them ideal for use in the food industry because they do not require pesticides to protect them from pests.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, bamboo fibers have anti-microbial properties that help keep your paper towels fresh longer than other types of paper products (including our competitor’s). These anti-bacterial properties also inhibit growth of bacteria on your hands after using the towel—perfect if you’re using it as a hand towel!

where can i buy babo toilet paper?

Now for the bad news, babo toilet paper is very hard to get hold of. Whilst it was briefly stocked in chemists like, retailers like it quickly sold out and has not been restocked since. However, Babo are planning to release a new batch of bamboo toilet paper soon which we hope will be easier to get hold of. In the meantime, it may be worth switching to an alternative brand.

The best alternatives!

Thankfully there are many great alternatives, so many its worthy of a separate post in itself .

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If you haven’t time to read the whole post; here are the top ones:


We hope that you are now convinced of the superiority of Babo toilet paper. If you can get your hands on some, great! If not, consider the alternatives above are a similar quality. One thing is for sure, bamboo is worth the investment because it is a high-quality product that will last you much longer than cheaper brands.

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