Top 7 Bamboo Toilet Papers For Sensitive Skin

Use Bamboo toilet paper for your bathroom duties here are 7 rolls that are safer for the tush and are eco-friendly thus saving the environment.

Bamboo toilet paper Is an excellent option when choosing toilet paper for the bathroom. Ordinary toilet papers are not designed to be environmentally friendly, so these are always great options for you, especially if you are considering green toilet paper.

So which is best Overall?

Here is the list of the top 7 best bamboo toilet papers just for sensitive skin.

  1. The cheeky panda bamboo toilet tissue paper
  2. Reel premium bamboo toilet paper
  3. Better way bamboo toilet paper
  4. Nootrees bamboo 3-ply bathroom tissue
  5. Tushy premium bamboo toilet paper
  6. WBM care natural bamboo toilet paper
  7. Repurpose 100% bamboo toilet paper 3 ply

You have to take these factors into account before buying toilet paper

Always opt for comfortable, sturdy, absorbent, flexible and durable products with your budget in mind. Bamboo toilet papers are tree-free and are super soft and can go well with people with sensitive skin. Bamboo is hypoallergenic thus doesn’t cause any irritation. This toilet paper is more absorbent than normal toilet paper and has passed its absorbent test.

Today, many consumers are going green. You should also keep this factor in mind alongside other factors such as cost, convenience and comfort.

Normal or regular toilet paper is undesirable. Choose wisely at the time of purchase. You should keep these considerations in front of you for a good decision.


In the toilet paper production process, chemicals are used. No toilet paper is free from chemical products on the market. Those toiletries contain a lot of bleach and formaldehyde. It leads to skin irritation and even yeast infections, especially in women. 

The basic cultivation of the source plant for the manufacture of the finished product. Although the claim is that these chemicals are safe, certain purchasers prefer to avoid them. 

They will pick products that are free from chemicals, toxins, and even perfume. Therefore, they will always go with the bamboo toilet paper because of its chemical-free property. People with sensitive skin will also choose products without dye or chemicals to avoid irritation that may be caused by these chemicals.

Bamboo toilet paper has a neutral pH, which does not offset the pH balance of your sensitive skin. If you are concerned about your skin and surroundings, always choose chemicals-free products. It is preferable not to put the burden on the environment and your sensitive skin.

Sometimes even chemicals without chemicals may also cause irritation. It’s not the product, but you’re not using it right. After using tissue, always make sure that there is no residue on your skin. These residues can irritate and provoke allergies to the sensitive skin of women.

Texture and absorption

Toilet papers are made from wood pulp. Regular toilet paper including recycled toilet paper doesn’t have a smooth texture and is not a good pick for you. Bamboo toilet paper is made of Bamboo grass that’s why its texture is smooth and softer. Moreover, it is eco-friendly and has an excellent absorbing quality that makes it stand out from the regular toilet papers. In a jar, test experts saw that these bamboo toilet papers break down easily thus creating no problem for your toilet or the environment.

Fsc certified

Yes, this is another substantial factor you should contemplate is whether this product is Fsc certified or not? The Forest steward council is a non-profit organization that keeps forests from being destroyed to grow bamboo and create rooms. It also ensures that the product is chemical and bleach-free. Almost all the bamboo toilet paper brands are fsc certified except the very few ones.

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Toilet paper manufacturers use chlorine to eradicate its colour and make it pure white and as well as to give it a softer feel. These chemicals on the other hand, are harsh and can irritate your skin and induce severe allergies.

Buyers with sensitive skin will opt for products free from these harsh chemicals.

Fortunately, there is a great variety available, free from chlorine you can opt for. Free your toiletries from these harsh chemicals.

Even some bamboo toilet papers are bleached without chlorine. So, always choose the ones labelled as totally chlorine-free or TCF. To recognize whether the toilet paper is bleached or not, check its colour. Unbleached toilet papers are usually brownish, and whiter ones are bleached with hydrogen peroxide.


If the available toilet tissue options are environmentally friendly, it is time to pick the product. Though the manufacturing procedure is identical to these of standard regular paper. However, the main difference is that it is made of bamboo and hence endurable. It does not harm the climate. When buying toilet paper, look for FSC certification and the USDA Bio-Based label. This tag proves that the product is licensed by the US Department of Agriculture. Meaning that the product is totally made from biological renewable aids.

Ply per sheet

A variety of ply counts and measures are available in  Bamboo toilet paper. Ply is the layering of the material per sheet. When exploring the suitable product for you, you will see 2 and 3 ply products. That indicates the product will be smoother and will quickly break down when flushed.

 Determining the sheets per roll will help you ascertain how long the package will last.

Thickness and quality also measure how long the product will last.

Top choices

If you’re looking for the leading products that are not just eco-friendly yet chemical-free. Bamboo toilet papers are the most suitable choice. So, substitute your regular Toilet paper with this high-quality bamboo toilet paper. Study our list to select the best tree-free products we have explained here.

Best bamboo toilet paper for sensitive skin

  1. The Cheeky Panda

This is the best product available in the market under the category of  Bamboo TP. This TP is naturally hypoallergenic, with soft and long fleeces that don’t tangle dust.

In the growing of bamboo, no pesticides, fertilizers, or no nasty chemicals were used. It is wholly free from chlorine, B.P.A and fragrances.

The cheeky panda loo roll is the best product for sensitive skin. It doesn’t yield any allergies or skin itch due to its hypoallergenic features. It is awesomely soft, strong, sustainable, plastic-free and climate pledge friendly. It arrives in recyclable paper packaging.

This TP is also FSC forest certified since it is not as plush as other brands.

Product specs

  • 3-ply sheets
  • Subscription available
  • 48 rolls per box


  • Super kind to skin
  • Eco-friendly
  • Free from all types of chemicals
  • Durable


  • It is pricey and not as plush as other brand products.
Reel premium Best Bamboo Toilet Paper For Sensitive skin

  • Reel Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper

Reel premium Bamboo toilet paper is softer on the tush exempting, it is not chemical-free. As it has a fewer portion of chemicals in comparison to others. This is likewise endurable since it is made of Bamboo and is FSC certified.

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The reel is less soft than regular toilet paper also, it is fitter.

On the price side, it is more expensive too than other available options. If we talk about the packaging, it comes in a cardboard box that could be recycled.

If we see the size of the roll, then we can see that it’s smaller than regular TP.

The whole delivery process is especially suitable. It also delivers subscription benefits. So, you can set up your monthly deliveries effortlessly. You will only need 4 sheets for #2. However, with other brands, you require  6 to 8 sheets.

The reel is financing the sanitation projects in developing countries to decrease risk of spreading diseases.

Product specs include:

  • 3-ply ultra-plush comfort
  • 24 rolls per pack are available
  • Easy convenient home delivery
  • Subscription available


  • Biodegradable
  • Sustainable
  • Soft and tough
  • No plastic packaging


  • Not as soft compared to regular toilet paper
Better way best bamboo toilet paper for sensitive skin

  • Better way Bamboo Toilet Paper

The better way is the best Bamboo toilet paper due to its sustainability and chemical-free essence. The product is entirely free from chemicals like Bpa, ink, scent and dyes.

Better way is comfy, softer, and absorbent TP as well. Due to its hypoallergenic marker, it is the best product for sensitive skin and mainly for women.

Worried for tush? No need to be as it will not cause any damage to your skin or produce any yeast infections. Chlorine-free in nature.

Fsc certification ensures that during the growing process of bamboo, the use of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides was not there.

It is also offering a subscription for its customers for their comfort. The packaging is the same cardboard box and paper tape.

It is eco-friendly. If we see the size of the tp it is smaller than the reel premium bamboo toilet paper. Its price is also more than that of the reel tp.

Product specs

  • 3-ply sheet
  • 12 rolls per package
  • Subscription is available


  • Eco- friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Toughness
  • Looks nice stacked in the bathroom with beautiful and colourful wrapping.
  • Easy on septic tanks


  • The roll size is smaller than the standard rolls.
  • Pricey and expensive
Boo trees best bamboo toilet paper for sensitive skin

  • Noo Trees Bamboo 3-Ply Bathroom Tissue

One of the highest brands available in markets. Comes in two varieties adding bamboo and bamboo sugarcane bathroom tissue. In the manufacturing process, it is made sure the use pure bamboo pulp.

No trees bamboo Tp is an outstanding toilet paper. It doesn’t hold paraben and is hypoallergenic too. Thus, it is non-toxic for your skin and doesn’t cause allergies.

It is wholly produced from biodegradable and sustainable sources.

One crucial fact is that this roll doesn’t last long enough.

 Not as convenient means it wouldn’t work in the dispenser. The Tp is a little softer but still sturdy. While using  No trees bamboo tp you will require fewer sheets for nature call #2.

However,  few consumers complained that it does hurt.

After the use of noo trees bamboo Tp there will be no residues with you so, this is the positive point it has. Additionally, it doesn’t offer any subscription options.

Product specs

  • 3-ply
  • 12 rolls per pack
  • Subscription not available


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Chemicals free
  • Affordable


  • It doesn’t work well in a dispenser you have to hold it in your hand to use it.
Tushy premium toilet paper best for sensitive skin

  • Tushy Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper

Searching for the best bamboo toilet paper rolls that are not treated chemically and are safer to use. You can go for this toilet paper that is not only chemical-free but is also more convenient.

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Thus, it is chemical-free making it super safer for people with sensitive skin types.

This toilet paper is 100% sustainable unbleached bamboo Tp. The wrapping of the product is quite attractive and makes it look nice. This paper is decently soft and strong. Tushy doesn’t usually bleach their toilet paper and utilises only a gallon of water to create bamboo TP. This TP is soft enough but not as plush as other ones. It is less pricey compared to others. The packaging is the same cardboard box as the other ones making it more eco-friendly.

Product specs

  • 3- ply sheets
  • Subscription available
  • 36 Rolls per package


  • Super easy purchasing and shipment
  • Unbleached Bamboo paper
  • Narrow core
  • Nicely wrapped rolls
  • Big rolls


  • Wrapping is not recyclable
Wbm care natural bamboo paper roll

  • WBM Care Natural Bamboo Toilet Paper

Just like other bamboo toilet papers, this one is also bleach-free, made from 100% bamboo pulp, with zero added dyes, inks, or fragrance. The bamboo smell in it is proof of its authenticity.

It is fit for all skin types and an especially good choice for your sensitive vag. This bamboo TP is strong and pliable. It is widely used for its skin-friendly surface. The TP is rouged with natural bamboo pulp that is also suitable for contact with food.

It has excellent absorbent quality customers love it for this trait and its softness. It does save your money. 

Wbm care bamboo TP has anti-bacterial ingredients so it will not permit bacteria to spread to other parts of the skin.

It comes in convenient cases that make it easy to store. It can be used for numerous purposes as well.

Product specs

  • 3-ply sheet
  • 20  rolls per pack
  • Subscription not available


  • Eco-friendly
  • Soft and absorbent
  • Saves money
  • Skin friendly
  • Multi-purpose
  • Contains anti-bacterial ingredients
  • Food grade standard


  • Plastic wrapping that contributes to environmental pollution
Repurpose 100% bamboo toilet paper for sensitive skin

  • Repurpose 100% Bamboo Toilet paper

This TP comes in plastic-free packaging and is made from 100% bamboo. A tree-free product makes it eco-friendly. While processing zero chemicals were used that make it the best toilet paper for the sensitive vag. Its silky soft texture makes it suitable even for sensitive skin.

These super-strong bamboo tissue rolls do their duty perfectly that don’t leave lint behind.

It is made through renewable sources that come in waste-free packaging.

A double size roll means it will last longer than other bamboo TP  and save your money.

People love this for its extra soft sheets, high absorbent quality, strength and durability.

This softest toilet paper Comes in recyclable packaging. There are 12 rolls per package. Moreover, it is FSC certified.

Product specs

  • 3-ply sheets
  • 12 rolls per package
  • Subscription available


  • Made from renewable sources
  • Free from all types of chemicals
  • Extra soft and thin sheets
  • Soft, sustainable, Stronger than other available options


  • It is more expensive than the other usual. Choices

To conclude:

The cheeky panda 3-ply Bamboo toilet paper offers strong, silky soft, and sustainable toilet paper. The brand made sure the use of no chemical and 100% pure pulp considering sensitive tush. You can also purchase through our link.

Reel premium bamboo toilet paper is another great choice. The brand used no chemicals in the process of making the best product with an available subscription for your convenience.

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