Cheeky panda eco bamboo toilet roll -Reviewed!

Cheeky panda eco bamboo toilet roll is the world’s most sustainable and natural, flushable bamboo toilet paper that should be used in every home. Cheeky Panda Toilet roll requires no special processing – it is simply thrown away where it will biodegrade within months or can be flushed for less than half the water usage of regular flushing tissue products.

Cheeky Panda Toilet Paper is 100% recyclable

You can help prevent deforestation by switching to this trendy environmentally friendly product.

It’s important to recycle because it reduces the amount of waste in landfills. Recycling is also a way for you to help save energy and water, which are both becoming more scarce. Recycling also helps reduce air pollution since recycling materials does not require as much energy or produce as many emissions as making products from scratch. Finally, recycling creates jobs for people who collect recyclable items and process them into new products.

What is eco friendly toilet paper?

Eco friendly toilet paper is any sort of toilet paper that is environmentally friendly. This includes cheeky panda bamboo toilet roll. It is made from a variety of materials and has a number of different benefits to the environment. The most popular eco friendly toilet tissue is made from bamboo.

Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant that can be harvested every three years as opposed to trees which take seventy-five years or more to grow back. This makes it incredibly cost-effective for those who want an environmentally safe toilet paper roll. It is also softer than most other types of dried plant material so it does not scratch your skin when you wipe your bottom, making it a lot more comfortable than harsh materials such as wood or straw. These often have nasty chemicals to make them into more luxury toilet tissue that is just not required with bamboo.

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Bamboo is hypo allergenic.

Hypo allergenic is a term that was originally coined in relation to people who are allergic to things like pollen, animal hair and dust. It is now also applied to the products people use such as toilet paper.

Naturally hypoallergenic means that the toilet roll will not irritate your skin or cause any reactions. Fragrance free versions are also available which is good news for those with sensitive noses.

The bamboo paper comes in a range of different styles and sizes. It is very flexible and can be cut to any size you like such as the cheeky panda bamboo toilet roll, making it suitable for virtually any bathroom set up, no matter how small or large.

Eco-friendly bamboo toilet paper is one of the most popular choices of environmentally conscious consumers because it uses sustainable resources, does not harm animals plus contains no chemicals whatsoever to irritate even the most sensitive skin.

Plastic Free

Microplastics are small pieces of plastic that have broken down into tiny particles. They enter the environment through a number of pathways, including washing clothes and packaging materials. Scientists believe that they can be found in nearly every waterway on Earth, with some studies indicating up to 580,000 microplastic particles per square kilometer in certain areas of the ocean.

Microplastics are bad for the environment because they cause problems like harming animals by getting stuck inside their bodies or entering their food chain (which is often eaten by humans). Microplastic pollution also harms local economies as people lose income from tourism related to polluted beaches and resorts due to increased media coverage on environmental issues.

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Thankfully bamboo toilet paper is plastic free, which means it helps prevent microplastics from entering the environment. Japanese bamboo toilet roll is also made without any harmful chemicals like bleach or chlorine, making them even better for the planet.

Monetarily Friendly

Bamboo toilet paper makes sense financially because bamboo grows quickly and can be harvested every three years. This makes bamboo paper incredibly cost-effective. Natural bamboo is also more absorbent than other plant materials like straw or wood which means that you use less of it when cleaning yourself, which saves money over time. Since bamboo is softer than most plants used to make this luxury product, it will not scratch your skin if you suffer with sensitive skin either, another money saving benefit as you do not have to buy different products for washing and wiping.

is recycled toilet paper any good?

So how does bamboo toilet paper compare to the recycled paper version? The world land trust says that not enough is being done to preserve trees. increasing products made from recycled paper is not going to solve the problem of deforestation, but it will reduce the amount of toilet roll that needs to be made from bamboo.

Toilet paper manufactured from 100% bamboo makes use of bamboo’s strength and ability to absorb water, however, recycled versions are mixed with other materials such as wood pulp and fabric, therefore making them less absorbent than bamboo counterparts. Many people report having to use more recycled bamboo toilet rolls during their day than single-ply bamboo options too. This means that using recycled versions increases your environmental impact.

Are cheeky panda a good company?

Cheeky panda are one of the main brands of bamboo toilet roll at the moment, with many different types of bamboo sheets available you are sure to find one that suits your specific needs. They are a company dedicated to making environmentally friendly products, which means you can trust them to provide bamboo toilet paper made without chemicals or any harmful materials. The bamboo used in their products is also sourced from China- not only does this prevent deforestation by using bamboo instead of trees it also supports local Chinese communities who make these luxury items. Cheeky panda produce all sorts of natural beauty products including bamboo toothbrushes and reusable cotton makeup pads too, so there are options if you want more than just bamboo toilet paper in your bathroom!

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Cheeky panda donate money to the developing world, providing bamboo and other sustainable resources to communities that need it. Cheeky panda have been awarded a number of environmental awards including the award for excellence from Natural Choice magazine. Cheeky panda also donate 10% of their profits to projects in developing countries that support people in poverty, by providing bamboo and other sustainable resources to communities that need it. This is important because bamboo can help people in poorer countries increase their income potential as well as saving the environment too- win win!

Bamboo’s Plastic Free Benefits

Plastic free bamboo versions mean you reduce your plastic consumption by using bamboo instead of trees. Trees have an important role in our planet as they produce oxygen every day so we can breathe, however, it is estimated that around 15 million trees are cut down every year to make paper- much the majority of this paper goes into making toilet roll! By reducing your use of bamboo toilet rolls you reduce your impact on natural habitats as well as saving money.

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