Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Block Toilets?

toilet seat and paper in bathroom

Bamboo Toilet Paper is an excellent option for environmentally conscious people looking for a soft, strong, and eco-friendly product. But what about the question of whether or not bamboo toilet paper blocks toilets? The answer is no! Bamboo toilet paper doesn’t block toilets. Bamboo Toilet Paper is biodegradable, which means it will break down in … Read more

A Close Look At Reel Bamboo Toilet Paper

Reel Bamboo Toilet Paper

While the idea of Reel Bamboo Toilet Paper is a bit strange, it’s environmentally friendly. It uses bamboo pulp, which is 100% biodegradable and compostable. If you put this tissue paper in compost, it would degrade naturally within 45 days. These products are environmentally friendly and don’t harm the environment when disposed of properly. How … Read more

Cheeky Panda Toilet Paper Is The Best Way To Go On Your Next Potty Break

Cheeky Panda Toilet Paper

Cheeky Panda Toilet Paper is an excellent alternative to traditional toilet paper brands. It’s sustainable, affordable, and incredibly soft. The company was founded by friends Vitaly and Simon in 2016. They were both conservationists who wanted to try something new, so they decided to make their brand of toilet paper. The two friends worked together … Read more

A Review Of Reel Toilet Paper, The Alternative To Toilet Paper

Reel Bamboo Toilet Paper

I’ve just the solution for you if you’re looking for a new way to save money in the bathroom. The Reel Toilet Paper is a sleek and modern alternative to regular TP that will make your life easier and help protect our environment simultaneously. Reel Toilet Paper is the ideal TP replacement. It’s easy to … Read more

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Reel Bamboo Toilet Paper

Reel Bamboo Toilet Paper

Hey, you! Do you want to be friendly to the environment, panda bears, and people? If so, then consider buying some Reel Bamboo Toilet Paper. Read on for five things you didn’t know about this fun product: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Reel Bamboo Toilet Paper 1. It uses bamboo. Bamboo is a sustainable … Read more

Discover The Best Toilet Paper For Sensitive Skin

Toilet paper rolls isolated on orange background

A person with sensitive skin needs TP that is gentle on the skin. It should not have any fragrance and a soft texture to avoid irritation. Toilet paper can be rough on the skin if it has poor quality. Your choice of toilet paper depends on your preference because different types of toilet paper available … Read more

Caboo Bamboo Toilet Paper: Treasure Or Total Waste?

Caboo Bamboo Toilet Paper

You’re sitting on top of a mountain, taking in the sweeping vistas of the world below. You’ve just completed your first yoga class and feel good. That’s when it happens: nature calls. Suddenly, there’s no time to waste as you scramble to find some toilet paper in this new place—and what is this? Caboo Bamboo Toilet … Read more

Bamboo Toilet Paper: Is it Septic Safe?

Tissue paper rolls and green leaves.

The debate over septic-safe toilet paper is as old as time itself. And while there might be some truth to the idea that when you’re on a septic system, you want to use toilet paper that doesn’t create clogs or harm your pipes, there are also many other benefits to using bamboo. Let me explain! … Read more