Is Recycled Or Bamboo Toilet Paper Better For The Environment?

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Is Recycled Or Bamboo Toilet Paper Better for the Environment? Of course, they are. If you’ve ever considered the environmental impact of your toilet paper, you may have wondered if there is a greener alternative to our standard, single-use rolls. Using recycled or bamboo toilet paper could be part of the solution, but which one … Read more

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Really Better For The Environment?

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Is Bamboo Toilet Paper really better for the environment? The quick answer is YES! Bamboo toilet paper is a hot topic these days. We’re not talking about the Amazon rainforest or even the country of China. We’re talking about your bathroom! As you might have guessed from the name, this type of paper is made … Read more

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Environmentally Friendly?

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Bamboo toilet paper is a hot topic these days. People are asking: Is bamboo toilet paper environmentally friendly? The answer is yes. But, there’s more to bamboo than just the toilet paper it comes wrapped in. Here we’ll look at why bamboo is so sustainable and whether or not you should make the switch from … Read more

Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Dissolve?

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Bamboo toilet paper has been gaining popularity in recent years. Between its natural, sustainable material and its softness, it’s easy to see why so many people are switching over from regular tissue paper. But does bamboo toilet paper dissolve? The short answer is yes — but not all brands dissolve at the same rate or … Read more

Is Recycled Or Bamboo Toilet Paper Better?

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Is Recycled or Bamboo Toilet Paper better? Toilet paper is an essential item that we all use every day. The problem is that the production of the standard kind requires a lot of resources and energy. The good news is that many alternatives are better for the environment, such as recycled toilet paper or bamboo … Read more

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Flushable?

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Bamboo toilet paper is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional toilet tissue. This type of paper comes from the pulp of bamboo stalks, which are a renewable resource. You might wonder if it’s safe to flush this type of toilet paper down your pipes—but don’t worry. Bamboo TP is safe for septic systems and … Read more

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Better For The Environment?

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I’ve always wondered whether or not bamboo toilet paper is better for the environment than normal toilet paper. But I never did any research to find out because it wasn’t my problem. Going green is one of the best choices you can make for the environment, your wallet, and your health. When it comes to … Read more

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Better Than Regular Toilet Paper?

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You probably picture a standard roll of soft, white tissue paper when you think of toilet paper. But thanks to the bamboo revolution, that’s changed everything. You can now find all TP products made from 100% bamboo or containing some amount—and it’s not just for hippies anymore! There are plenty of reasons why this material … Read more

Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Block Toilets?

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Bamboo Toilet Paper is an excellent option for environmentally conscious people looking for a soft, strong, and eco-friendly product. But what about the question of whether or not bamboo toilet paper blocks toilets? The answer is no! Bamboo toilet paper doesn’t block toilets. Bamboo Toilet Paper is biodegradable, which means it will break down in … Read more

Bamboo Toilet Paper: Is it Septic Safe?

Tissue paper rolls and green leaves.

The debate over septic-safe toilet paper is as old as time itself. And while there might be some truth to the idea that when you’re on a septic system, you want to use toilet paper that doesn’t create clogs or harm your pipes, there are also many other benefits to using bamboo. Let me explain! … Read more