Why Bamboo Toilet Paper?

Why bamboo toilet paper? Bamboo toilet paper is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. It’s a sustainable resource that creates less waste than traditional toilet paper. It’s also softer, fluffier, and more absorbent than regular toilet paper. If you’re concerned about the chemicals in standard TP or want to switch over to something more earth-friendly, try switching out your next roll with some bamboo TP!

Why Bamboo Toilet Paper?

Bamboo Toilet Paper is a sustainable and renewable resource.

Bamboo is a renewable resource. It grows quickly, and it takes about 4 years for bamboo to reach maturity. Toilet paper that uses bamboo can be recycled or composted because it breaks down naturally. It takes about 10 trees worth of timber and pulpwood to make 1 ton of virgin paper (1300 lbs). The same amount of recycled toilet paper requires only .6 trees worth of timber and pulpwood!

It doesn’t contain chlorine or dioxin.

Chlorine bleaching is an environmentally damaging process that uses bleach to whiten paper. Chlorine bleach contains chlorine. This can be toxic and harmful to your health when inhaled or ingested. Dioxin is a byproduct of chlorine bleaching and it’s been linked to cancer in humans. If you’re concerned about the environment, consider switching over to bamboo TP so you can avoid contributing to this harmful practice!

Bamboo Toilet Paper is easy to find locally and sustainably.

Bamboo toilet paper can be found in most grocery stores. It’s also readily available at health food stores and online. If you live in an area that has a local farmer’s market. Check out their selections of bamboo products. You might be surprised by the variety! If you’re looking for a natural, sustainable product, bamboo TP is the way to go. It’s also a great way to support local farmers and small businesses!

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It doesn’t take much space to store.

Bamboo toilet paper is thin and lightweight, so you can store it in a small space. It doesn’t take up much room in your bathroom cabinet or medicine cabinet. It can even be stored on a shelf or in a drawer. Bamboo TP is a great alternative to regular TP because it’s so cheap! You can buy a pack of 100 sheets for just a few dollars. Compare that with the price of other brands, and you’ll find that bamboo paper is much more affordable than most.

Bamboo Toilet Paper is soft, fluffy and slightly spongy.

It is soft, fluffy and slightly spongy. It’s not as hard as regular toilet paper, but it’s also not as soft. The best way to describe bamboo TP is that it’s somewhere in between regular and soft. It usually comes from bamboo rags, which are similar to cotton. Bamboo rag is also used for making clothing and other products. Its soft texture makes it a great choice for toilet paper because it doesn’t irritate your skin like regular toilet paper can.

It is naturally hypoallergenic.

Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic. It’s anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. The plant’s naturally antimicrobial and antifungal properties make it safer for you and your family to use. This means that it is less likely to cause allergic reactions in sensitive skin types than traditional toilet paper that uses wood pulp (which can contain chemicals). It may seem like a small thing but if you have sensitive skin then it’s worth considering whether bamboo TP could be the right choice for you!

Bamboo toilet paper is lower in lignin.

Lignin is a polymer that makes up the cell walls of plants. It’s found in trees and grasses, and it helps give wood its strength. The lignin layer on bamboo stems is very thin compared to other trees. This means that you can use bamboo for toilet paper without having to worry about getting splinters! The lower amount of lignin in bamboo also makes it softer than regular paper towels or tissues. Since there are no chemicals added during processing, it’s safe for sensitive skin too. A lower level of lignin helps the product to decompose faster.

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Bambooloo Bamboo Toilet Paper is a sustainable alternative to traditional paper products. It comes from bamboo, which is a fast-growing grass that can be harvested without cutting down trees. Bamboo absorbs CO2 and releases oxygen, so it’s good for the environment.

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Bambooloo has been certified by an independent third party as cruelty-free and vegan. This makes it safe for everyone who wants to avoid animal products in their personal care products. The biodegradable packaging also makes this product environmentally friendly because it will break down faster than traditional cardboard boxes or plastic wrappers.

Bambooloo Bamboo Toilet Paper
Bambooloo Bamboo Toilet Paper


Bamboo is a great alternative to wood in TP, as it’s a renewable resource that grows much faster than trees. Cloversoft Unbleached Bamboo Tissues uses 100% bamboo fibre and are biodegradable and compostable. They’re very soft on your skin, so you can feel good about using them every day! The tissues are also 100% chlorine-free and contain no artificial fragrances or dyes. They come in a convenient box that you can use to compost your used tissues, so there’s no need for wasteful plastic packaging.

Cloversoft Unbleached Bamboo Tissues
Cloversoft Unbleached Bamboo Tissues

Dr. Dirt

Dr. Dirt Multifold Bamboo Paper Towels are 100% organic bamboo, which means they’re soft, absorbent, eco-friendly and great for the environment. They also happen to be good for your skin! These towels consist of recycled materials that can be composted in your backyard or put into a composter at work or school. Dr. Dirt Multifold Bamboo Paper Towels come with a convenient dispenser. You don’t have to worry about running out of paper towels when you need them most!

Dr. Dirt Multifold Bamboo Paper Towels
Dr. Dirt Multifold Bamboo Paper Towels

Dr. Mercola

Dr. Mercola Bamboo Bathroom Tissue consists of 100% bamboo fibres and is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and sustainable. The tissue is strong yet soft on your skin because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or additives that can irritate sensitive areas like the nose or eyes. This means you can enjoy using this product without worrying about irritation afterwards!

Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial. It helps prevent the spread of germs by killing off bad bacteria while leaving good ones intact. This makes Dr. Mercola Bamboo Bathroom Tissue ideal for those who suffer from digestive problems such as constipation. They’ll be able to go more easily when they use this toilet paper instead of regular brands that contain harsh chemicals like bleach.

Dr. Mercola Bamboo Bathroom Tissue
Dr. Mercola Bamboo Bathroom Tissue

Elvis Smart

If you’re looking for a new kind of TP, then Elvis Smart Bamboo Toilet Paper is the product for you. It uses bamboo and it’s soft and absorbent. It also has a strong core that won’t break easily as other brands do. Bamboo is a renewable resource, so it’s good for the environment! The bamboo used in Elvis Smart is sustainably sourced, which means it’s good for the environment. It also uses the latest technology to ensure that the product is strong and durable. This toilet paper is softer than other brands, so it’s gentle on your skin.

Elvis Smart Bamboo Toilet Paper
Elvis Smart Bamboo Toilet Paper

Flushd Premium

Flushd Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper consists of unbleached bamboo fibre, which makes it soft and strong. It’s eco-friendly and comes in a roll of 100 sheets or 300 sheets depending on your preference. This toilet paper has received positive reviews from Amazon customers who said they like the way it feels on their skin. Most especially compared to standard toilet paper which can leave behind an unpleasant residue.

Flushd Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper
Flushd Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper

Frequently Asked Questions

Does bamboo toilet paper block toilets?

No. Bamboo toilet paper consists of 100% natural fibres and will not clog your pipes or toilet.

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Is bamboo toilet paper better for the environment?

Yes! Bamboo grows quickly and easily in many conditions, making it a sustainable resource that can be harvested without harming the environment.

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So why bamboo toilet paper? The bottom line is that bamboo TP is a great choice for anyone looking to make the switch from traditional TP. You’ll be doing your part to help the environment, while also getting something softer and more absorbent than what you’re used to!

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