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I’ve always been a proponent of using recycled toilet paper, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized just how many amazing benefits bamboo or recycled toilet paper has over regular TP.

5 Reasons Why I Use Bamboo or Recycled Toilet Paper

It’s soft and strong.

Bamboo or Recycled Toilet Paper is also soft on your skin compared to other types of toilet paper out there like unbleached versions. Bamboo has a unique texture that makes it feel more like fabric than paper when you’re wiping yourself after doing your business!

It’s also stronger than regular toilet paper. You don’t see as many tiny little pieces of TP stuck to the bottom of your shoes after using it and it lasts longer than other brands. Bamboo or recycled toilet paper is a great alternative to regular TP because it can be used for all kinds of things around the house!

It’s silky.

Bamboo or Recycled Toilet Paper is a natural fibre, and therefore it’s soft and silky. As you know, your skin can have irritated from the chemicals in regular toilet paper that is used to make it feel like sandpaper. Bamboo doesn’t have any of those chemicals! It also isn’t as rough on clothing or other materials like wood furniture. So even if you’re not worried about hurting your bum, bamboo is better for everyone else around you.

It doesn’t have toxic chemicals in it.

Bamboo or Recycled Toilet Paper is great for the environment because they don’t have any toxic chemicals in them.

Bamboo is a renewable resource, which means that it grows back very quickly after being cut down and used for things like paper. Recycled toilet paper consists of old newspapers, magazines and other paper products that would otherwise be thrown away. These materials aren’t harmful to the environment. They’ve already been used once before and won’t need to be produced again unless you choose to get new ones!

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It’s better for the environment.

Bamboo or Recycled Toilet Paper is better for the environment than regular toilet paper. They’re both biodegradable, which means they will break down naturally. Unlike plastic or other types of non-biodegradable materials. This is important because it means you can throw away your used TP in a compost pile or garden without having to worry about it taking hundreds of years for it to decompose as other disposable products do. Also, bamboo and recycled TP use renewable resources. The bamboo plant grows back quickly after harvesting it. Each plant is harvestable multiple times, so there’s no need for us humans to cut down new trees just so we can have some nice soft wipes!

You can get it delivered to my house.

Bamboo or Recycled Toilet Paper is available online and through subscription services, so you don’t have to go out and buy it yourself. If you do, there’s still no reason not to try bamboo or recycled toilet paper! 

5 Bamboo Toilet Paper You Can Buy On Amazon


Betterway Bamboo Toilet Paper uses 100% bamboo wood pulp, which is softer and more absorbent than regular toilet paper. It’s also biodegradable and compostable, so you can feel good about using it. This pack comes with 24 rolls of 4-ply thickness for a total of 96 sheets per roll. It has an Amazon rating of 4 out of 5 stars on the site. One reviewer wrote: “I love this product! It feels like silk against my skin.”

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Cheeky Panda

Cheeky Panda Bamboo Toilet Paper is the perfect choice for those who want to make their bathroom experience a little more eco-friendly. This toilet paper comes from 100% bamboo, so you know it’s going to be soft and absorbent, too. It’s also eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable, and free of dyes or chemicals. Not only does this mean your bum will thank you for using it but also that your nose won’t have any unwanted scents lingering around after use (or at least not as many).

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The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Toilet Paper
The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Toilet Paper

Cloud Paper

If you are looking for toilet paper that is 100% biodegradable, natural, compostable and chlorine free then this may be the best choice for you. Cloud Paper Bamboo Toilet Paper uses renewable resources including bamboo fibres which are soft, strong and absorbent while being completely vegan. This eco-friendly product has no animal ingredients nor animal testing was done during production which makes it suitable for vegans as well as those who want to live in harmony with nature.

Cloud Paper Bamboo Toilet Paper
Cloud Paper Bamboo Toilet Paper

Green Cane

Green Cane Bamboo Toilet Paper comes from 100% bamboo fibres. It’s eco-friendly, biodegradable and soft on the skin. Although it’s not as strong as other commercial brands of toilet paper. It means you’ll have to use more sheets. This toilet paper still holds up well when wet and has been praised for its lack of lint. It also comes in a variety of sizes: regular rolls or jumbo rolls for those who want extra softness in their bathroom experience!

Green Cane Bamboo Toilet Paper
Green Cane Bamboo Toilet Paper

Silk’n Soft Bamboo Toilet Paper

The Silk’n Soft Bamboo Toilet Paper is a better alternative to standard toilet paper. It comes from a renewable resource, and it’s soft and gentle on the skin. It’s hypoallergenic, antibacterial and eco-friendly. This means you can feel good about using it on your bum! It comes in two different sizes: single rolls (12 packs) or double rolls (24 packs). You can choose between white or brown bamboo sheets with this product as well.

Silk N Soft Bamboo Toilet Paper
Silk N Soft Bamboo Toilet Paper

5 Recycled Toilet Paper You Can Buy On Amazon


Andrex Ultra Care Toilet Paper is an excellent choice for those who want to reduce their environmental impact, but don’t want to sacrifice quality.

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This toilet paper consists of 100% recycled paper, so you don’t have to feel guilty about using it or contributing to deforestation. The 2-ply design makes it durable and effective at cleaning up messes without shredding them into small pieces that can get stuck between your toes or in your hair. This pack comes with 250 sheets per roll, so you won’t run out too quickly!

This product also features Andrex’s Easy Tear technology. It’s the perfect solution for those who hate tearing off sheets one by one and find themselves ripping through half the roll when they try doing this manually!

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Andrex Bamboo Toilet Paper
Andrex Bamboo Toilet Paper


CloseKnit Recycled Toilet Paper comes from 100% recycled paper. The company uses sustainable forests to make their toilet paper, and this means that CloseKnit can help protect the environment while also providing you with a quality product.

CloseKnit 3-ply Bath Tissue
CloseKnit 3-ply Bath Tissue

Georgia Pacific Envision

If you’re looking for recycled toilet paper that consists of 100% recycled materials, look no further than Georgia Pacific Envision Recycled Toilet Paper. This 3-ply toilet paper comes from 100% post-consumer content and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The 3 x 5-inch sheets are easy to tear off and have a soft texture on your skin. They come in a pack of 4 rolls, which you can use at home or take with you when travelling.

Georgia-Pacific's Envision
Georgia-Pacific’s Envision

Scott Essential

The Scott Essential Recycled Toilet Paper uses 100% recycled paper and is soft, strong and absorbent. It’s safe for sewer and septic systems, so you can use it without worrying about clogging your pipes. Plus, this toilet paper is Oeko-Tex certified. This means it meets strict standards of chemical-free production that protect people’s health.

Scott Essential Toilet Paper
Scott Essential Toilet Paper

Serious Tissues

Serious Tissues Recycled Toilet Paper comes from recycled paper. Recycled paper consists of old newspapers and magazines, which are then pulped together to create a new sheet of paper. The Serious Tissues brand uses this process to make its toilet paper and other bathroom products.

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The UK-based manufacturer was founded in 1999 by two brothers who wanted to create products that were good for the environment while still being affordable for everyone. Their goal was simple: make an eco-friendly product that people would want to use every day!

Serious Tissues also has a policy of using sustainable sources for all of its materials. They’re committed both ethically and economically!

Serious Tissues
Serious Tissues


We hope this article has helped you understand why we use bamboo or recycled toilet paper. It’s better for the environment, it’s soft and strong and silky, and it doesn’t have toxic chemicals in it. If you’re looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint on Earth then switching from regular toilet paper is one way that we all can do our part!

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