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Bamboo toilet paper is a great choice for the environmentally conscious person. It’s sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable. But more than that, it’s just better than regular toilet paper! By purchasing in bulk you can get more bang for your buck and save yourself some time on those wild goose chases to the grocery store. Here are five reasons why buying bulk bamboo toilet paper is the way to go:

Reasons to Buy Bamboo Toilet Paper in Bulk

Continuous supply

With bamboo toilet paper, you don’t have to worry about running out of toilet paper, meaning you can relax and enjoy your life without constantly worrying about whether or not there’s enough TP in the house.

Lower prices

Buying toilet paper in bulk is the best way to save money on your purchase and get more products for your dollar. You’ll find rolls that are designed with your quality of life in mind and ones that are perfect for everyday use.

Fewer trips

Buying in bulk can save you time and money in the long run. You’ll save on gas by not having to make as many trips to the store, which means you won’t spend as much time in your car either. This is a win-win situation!

Plus, if you buy bulk toilet paper online instead of at the grocery store, there’s another benefit: no more waiting in line at the checkout. There’s no need to excuse yourself from whatever task you’re currently doing. You just walk right up and get your goods without leaving the comfort of your home!

Less packaging

Since these are bulk bamboo toilet paper, they opted out of individual packaging. When you buy bamboo toilet paper in bulk is that it won’t take up as much space in your bathroom. If you’re like me, then the fewer rolls of toilet paper that can be stored at once, the better. Buying in bulk will enable you to fit rolls on top of each other without sliding off or falling over. This will keep everything neat! But wait!

The average person uses about 50 sheets per day—that’s 2150 sheets/per year or about 20 rolls (4 packs) per year! You can save money by purchasing a bigger pack than usual rather than purchasing smaller ones as they run out.

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Don’t expire overnight

Bamboo toilet paper uses biodegradable natural fibres, so you can feel good about using it. Plus, because bamboo doesn’t dry out like other toilet paper, it lasts longer in your bathroom. Even better: You only have to buy one time! Bamboo toilet paper doesn’t expire overnight as other brands do; it will stay fresh and usable for months at a time.

Less stressful

When you buy bamboo toilet paper in bulk, you don’t have to worry about running out. You can buy a large supply and not stress about making multiple trips to the store. This is especially useful if you live in an area where it’s hard to find bamboo toilet paper, which is most of the country!

Bamboo toilet paper is also less stressful because it’s environmentally friendly. These trees are grown without pesticides or fertilizers, so they’re great for the environment. They won’t pollute our waterways with chemicals like some other kinds of paper products do.

8 Brands with Bulk Bamboo Toilet Paper


Bamtime is one of the bamboo toilet paper brands that offer bulk purchases, which means you can buy it in huge quantities for yourself, your family and your pets. It’s also a good idea to stock up when you buy this brand. There’s nothing worse than running out of toilet paper halfway through an important event.

Bamtime uses 100% free-spirited bamboo fibres from renewable forests to make its products environmentally friendly while providing the same softness as regular TP. In addition to being biodegradable, these rolls are hypoallergenic so people with sensitive skin won’t have an issue using them.

Bamtime Bamboo Toilet Paper
Bamtime Bamboo Toilet Paper


Bazoo is a company specializing in bulk bamboo toilet paper. Their toilet paper comes from 100% bamboo fibre and is biodegradable, compostable and eco-friendly. The material is soft, strong and absorbent. In addition to making its brand of bathroom tissue, they also carry other brands that offer the same product at lower prices.

Bazoo Bamboo Toilet Paper
Bazoo Bamboo Toilet Paper


Bobbi is a brand of bamboo toilet paper that offers bulk purchases. It comes from 100% bamboo fibre and is 100% biodegradable. It’s also made in the USA, which is important to some people. But there may be some downsides—namely, it’s more expensive than regular toilet paper, and they don’t offer the same amount of sheets per roll (13 vs 36+).

Bobbi Bamboo Toilet Paper
Bobbi Bamboo Toilet Paper


BrillaBoo is the perfect brand for those who prefer a more natural lifestyle. They offer bulk bamboo toilet paper, which is all-natural, so it doesn’t contain any dyes or chemicals. This means that there are no perfumes or lotions added to their products. It also means that you won’t find whiteners, bleaches or fragrances in their products either!

Brillaboo Bamboo Toilet Paper
Brilla Bamboo Toilet Paper

Cloud Paper

Cloud Paper is one of the leading bulk toilet paper distributors. They’re based out of Boulder, Colorado and offer a variety of sizes, including a 30-pack and two-roll packs. They also sell their products in buckets and offer them in a variety of quantities. Cloud Paper products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). It means they’re using 100% renewable resources, meaning no trees were cut down to produce your toilet tissue! Their products are also made in the USA.

Cloud Paper Bamboo Toilet Paper
Cloud Paper Bamboo Toilet Paper

Earth’s Natural Alternative

Earth’s Natural Alternative is a company that focuses on natural products. They sell everything from bamboo toothbrushes to bamboo paper towels, and their toilet paper is no exception. The brand doesn’t have a storefront but can be found online at Amazon and other retailers.

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The price for Earth’s Natural Alternative is $9 for a case of 12 rolls, which works out to about 83 cents per roll. This is a little bit more expensive but still affordable. If you find yourself running low on toilet paper during your bulk order, consider adding on some other essentials.

Earth's Natural Alternative Bamboo Toilet Paper
Earth’s Natural Alternative Bamboo Toilet Paper


Flushd is a Canadian-based brand that makes bamboo toilet paper, which is made from 30% bamboo and 70% recycled paper. They sell it in bulk on Amazon. The price can be as low as $1 per roll when you buy a 12-pack roll at a time. This is pretty good considering that most other brands sell their toilet paper in packs of six or eight rolls.

It’s also available in 36-roll packages for around $18-20, depending on the seller (the price will vary). If you’re looking for something cheaper than Flushd but still want to go with a large quantity of toilet paper rolls, then this might be the right choice for you.

Flushd Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper
Flushd Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper

Naked Sprout

Naked Sprout is a family-owned business that was launched in 2012. They are the only toilet paper company that uses bamboo as its sole material. This means they use no chemicals, dyes or fragrances—only bamboo. The company commits itself to sustainability through their products, which are 100% biodegradable.

You can find Naked Sprout toilet paper in three different sizes: single roll, 4 pack and 6 pack (each roll comes with 24 individual sheets). You can buy it in white or black rolls; one of these options will be available depending on your location: the black option is only available in Canada and the white option is only available elsewhere (including South Africa).

Naked Sprout Bamboo Toilet Paper
Naked Sprout Bamboo Toilet Paper

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I store it?

As with any other paper product, it’s important to store bamboo toilet paper in a dry area. This will ensure that it is always ready for use and won’t get soggy or fall apart on you. Keep your toilet paper away from sunlight, animals, and damp areas of the house such as basements or laundry rooms where moisture is likely to collect.

How much should I buy in bulk?

The amount of toilet paper you’ll need in the long run depends on how many people live in your household. If you have a large family or plan on having guests over often, it might be smart to buy a few packages at once to save yourself from having to make multiple trips back to the store. The good news is that most bulk bamboo toilet paper comes in either 5- or 10-pack bags; so while one package might seem like too little, buying two will still be cost-effective and allow you plenty of peace of mind.


We hope that this guide has helped you to understand why buying in bulk is so great! There are so many benefits, and we believe that once you try it out for yourself, you’ll never go back. We know that when we started with bulk bamboo toilet paper, our lives were transformed by the lower prices and fewer trips needed to keep up with our stock-up schedule which meant less stress overall. So let’s get started on your adventure today!

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