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The only thing worse than a clogged toilet is a clogged toilet with a blockage of toilet paper. The good news is that most of these problems have solutions by using DIY methods, so you don’t have to call in an expensive plumber. Here’s how to deal with a bamboo toilet paper blockage. If your toilets need fixing and you have tried plunging them yourself without success, then it might be time to call the pros.

How To Deal With A Bamboo Toilet Paper Blockage


Since you’ve already read this article, there’s no need to tell you that flushing paper towels or tampons can cause a bamboo toilet paper blockage. The best way to prevent toilet paper roll clogs is to ensure that nothing else goes down the drain besides human waste and toilet paper.

If you absolutely must flush something else, try using the force of gravity in your favour. Fold a few sheets of newspaper and stuff them into the garbage can under the bathroom sink before placing them near your toilet. That way, when your next piece of trash needs to be flushed, you will only have a short distance to travel before depositing it in its new home!

Grab The Gloves

If you’ve ever worked in the food industry, you know better than to touch anything about to be served with your hands. This is no different when dealing with clogged pipes. Always wear gloves and eye protection when working on or around clogs. If possible, wear protective clothing as well.

Hand Plunger It

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have the right plunger for the job. Here are some tips:

  • Only use a small plunger, or it will fit in your toilet bowl.
  • Use a manageable amount of plunger; it will fall over when you push down and spill water everywhere.
  • Only use a short plunger, or it will reach your toilet bowl.
  • Refrain from using a too-tall plunger, or else you won’t be able to reach down far enough to get under the blockage properly.
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Boil Water

To remove a clogged toilet paper roll, boil water in a kettle. Pour the boiling water down the drain and let it sit for about five minutes. Then flush your toilet to clear out any remaining residue inside the drainpipe.

Use A Plumber’s Snake

If your toilet paper is blocked and you don’t have access to a plumber’s snake, you can still take some steps. It may not be as fast or effective as using a plumber’s snake, but it will get the job done.

To clear a blockage with these tools:

  • Flush the toilet once to introduce water into the bowl. This helps soften the blockage so it can be removed more easily and quickly.
  • Use an auger (a long metal rod) attached to an extension pipe or tool with a threaded tip to poke through any soft debris in the drainpipe. If there is no debris clogging up your pipes, try inserting a metal wire like a coat hanger or twigs into each end of your drainpipe until they meet at its centre point, where they should break through any obstructions found there.

Toilet Auger

The toilet auger will be your best bet if you have a blockage. First, attach it to the end of your plunger and use it like a drill bit. Rotate and twist until you’ve broken through the toilet paper. Then, pull out your toilet paper with some pliers.

Restores Drain Cleaner

If you are using a plunger, be sure that the head of the tool is entirely covered by water before applying pressure. Be sure to plunge quickly and repeat as many times as necessary. Follow their instructions if you have a plumber’s snake or an auger.

Plunge again after waiting 30 minutes—sometimes, this will clear blockages more quickly than trying to fix them immediately after they occur. As we mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to unclog your toilet is by pouring boiling water down it! Boiling water causes expansion in pipes which helps loosen clogs so they can pass through your lines much more accessible than usual.

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Use a drain flusher or drain cleaner if all else fails! Drain cleaners contain chemicals that break down buildup on inside walls of drains known as “sludge” or “scum”, allowing them to flow freely again without causing any further problems with drains clogging up in future years (or even months).

The Breakdown of Bamboo Toilet Paper


Because bamboo is a sustainable resource, it’s not as environmentally harmful as paper made from trees. The plant multiplies and can be harvested in just five years, unlike timber trees, which take much longer to grow. Bamboo pulp is also more environmentally friendly than wood pulp since it’s easier on the soil. It doesn’t require chemicals or fertilisers and has a higher yield per acre than trees.


Using chemicals in the toilet paper manufacturing process can cause concern. Many brands add bleach, dyes, fragrances and perfumes to their toilet paper products. These chemicals are unhealthy, can cause irritation, and may even be an allergen.

Bamboo toilet paper comes without any chemicals during its production process. You will not find any bleach or dyes added to Bamboo toilet paper either. No added fragrances or perfumes when making Bamboo Toilet Paper either!

Try one of the unbleached bamboo toilet papers available on Amazon, such as Naked Sprout!


The manufacturing process of Bamboo Toilet Paper is entirely free of pesticides. This is because bamboo is a natural product and has no pesticides in the growing process. The bamboo used in making Bamboo Toilet Paper grows sustainably, requiring less water than other types of trees and requiring minimal fertiliser to develop appropriately.

No added fragrances

Bamboo paper comes from pure, unprocessed bamboo fibre. It’s bleach-free or chemical-free in any way, which means it contains no dyes or fragrances. There are no added chemicals of any kind, and there are no preservatives to ensure that the product remains fresh for as long as possible. When buying toilet paper, this may seem like a small detail, but it’s important. Your family could be exposed to harmful chemicals through their skin every time they use something like this on their bodies!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does bamboo toilet paper clog the toilet?

Bamboo toilet paper comes from bamboo, a natural fibre. While biodegradable, it doesn’t break down as quickly as other toilet paper products. In addition to being natural and biodegradable, bamboo toilet paper is also flushable. However, because of its size and shape, you should avoid clogging your pipes when flushing this product down the drain.

Does bamboo toilet paper dissolve in water?

Yes, bamboo toilet paper is biodegradable. It does not dissolve in water, so you do not need to worry about clogging your pipes. If the toilet paper gets caught on something and clogs your toilet, try flushing some unopened packages down the drain first.

Can you flush bamboo toilet paper down the toilet?

You can flush bamboo toilet paper down the toilet, but only if you have a septic system with a leach field. Other than that, yes! Bamboo toilet paper is biodegradable and will break down in the environment like regular toilet paper.

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This article briefly overviews some of the most common ways to eliminate a bamboo toilet paper blockage. If after trying these methods, your toilet still won’t flush properly—or if you don’t have time to mess around with it! It would help if you considered calling in a professional plumber. With their expertise and equipment, they will likely be able to clear the clog more quickly and efficiently than you could on your own.

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