Should We Try EnviroPanda Toilet Paper In The Toilet?

When we worry about our cleanliness and environment at the same time, there is one solution that everyone can do. That is by using bamboo toilet paper that is far more eco-friendly compared to ordinary toilet papers. However, with so many choices out there, you probably are confused about which one that you must choose. That’s why we introduce you to EnviroPanda. It is 100% free of trees, and it is purely made of bamboo. Thus, making it one of the most environmentally-friendly toilet paper brands that you can buy.

It is 100% made of bamboo

Without harmful chemicals such as dyes and chlorine bleach, you can have a better and safer experience when you wipe your bum with EnviroPanda toilet paper. Therefore, it is more suitable for those who suffer from sensitive skin conditions. Don’t take any risks with ordinary toilet paper with strange colors and chemicals, and choose EnviroPanda instead. This one retains the brown natural color of bamboo, so it is safe for people with sensitive skin to use. Furthermore, its color is also proof that it is 100% made of bamboo, not trees that we need to produce oxygen and to prevent landslides.

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backpac LIMELINEN Bamboo 480 Rolls Paper Towels -Waste up-cycling the sugarcane used is a by-product of sugar production
-Bamboo & Sugarcane fibers create a soft and plush feel
-Contains a total of 36000 sheets per Pack
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backpac MOTHER EARTH Organic Bamboo Toilet Paper -Climate pledge friendly and fsc certified – mother earth
-100% organic bamboo and plastic-free
-Septic safe and 100% biodegradable
-3-ply and 300 sheets per roll
-12 hypoallergenic rolls
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cordlessblower SKINKISSED Virgin Bamboo Eco-Friendly Toilet Roll -Eco friendly
-Premium softness
-Quality that fits your budget
-Fusc forest certified
-Make a difference
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It has a luxurious level of softness and strength

It is one of the strongest and softest toilet paper in the market. You will never regret your experience with EnviroPanda toilet paper, and it is only beaten by brands that cost you more money, and most of them provide you with fewer sheets. Fortunately, even though it is quite expensive, it also comes with 24 rolls per pack, and each roll comes with 240 sheets, while it only costs $28.99. It is such a big deal for buyers, especially those who live with a family that has a lot of children at home.

It helps the environment by reducing harmful CO2

Bamboo is known as one of the finest carbon-absorbing substances in the environment. It has been proven to release more oxygen compared to ordinary trees when they are processed into toilet paper products. Furthermore, it releases around 35% more oxygen compared to the ones made of hardwood trees. With more oxygen in the environment, the cooler the temperature will become. Thus helping the government and scientists to reduce the effect of global warming. So, if you love your bum, pipes, and also the environment at the same time, then EnviroPanda toilet paper can be the best and the most economically-friendly toilet paper choice for you.

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